Wild About Patterns: Florence Broadhurst

Florence Broadhurst Cover

Florence Broadhurst is a design icon. She is responsible for bringing color to Australia and a distinct look to the rest of the world. Her look is classic with timeless style. In the 1960's she created a luxury wallpaper brand in Australia  and her look is still being used today.

Florence Broadhurst lead a very spicy life filled with reinventions of herself. She traveled through out South East Asia and China as a singer and dancer. She lived in Shanghai operating her own finishing school and lived in London as a designer and dress consultant. She was married multiple times and only had one son. Her last incarnation was starting a luxury wallpaper brand in Australia. Her exit was as dramatic as her life, ending in homicide and her murder never being solved.

Many designers continue to be inspired by her work and have transferred her patterns onto textile as well as have created furniture collections, fashion and home accessories.

Below are a few of her designs that inspire us.


These bold patterns filled with vibrant color, have been popping up everywhere. Perfect for an accent wall in a space where you  might want to add color. This would also have a great impact on a small space like a powder room.

Furniture and home accesories

Many designers have been inspired by Florence Broadurst. Some have taken it a step further by creating furniture and home accessories. Now, thanks to these designers, we can put a little bit of Florence Broadhurst in just about every room.

Fashion accessories

Some of the patterns created by Florence Broadhurst have crossed over into the fashion industry as well. Jewelry and soft fabrics can be purchased on the Florence Broadhurst Accessories website.

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