Mood Board Monday #1 The Home Office

Mood Board #1: The Home Office

At Rejuvenated Habitat, we love to use Mood Boards to help us interpret the mood of the room. It helps to visualize the interpretation of the feelings. The color scheme starts to come together and also we get a sense of some of the inspiration used by the client.

In this particular space, our client is looking to turn a room into her own personal home office. The challenges of the space are lack of natural lighting, no doors, and it is currently a transitional space with entrances to other rooms attached. Using her inspiration images as a starting point we were able to build off of some of the key elements within the space.

The room has an exposed brick wall. She wanted to incorporate the wall and build off its industrial vibe while still add a softer more modern look. While this is a space to be used as her office, where she will be getting work done, she also wanted it to be a place she can escape and feel comfortable.

In order to combine the industrial look with a softer undertone, we wanted to make sure there is a representation of a variety of elements through out the space. Represented are gold and brass metals, soft fabrics and pieces that offer an airy feel so that it is does not feel too stuffy.

Our mood for the week is industrial with a soft, mid-century vibe. Our client would like the color scheme to be cool and neutral. Stay tuned for concept designs for this room.

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